Our Causes

Education for everyone

Education is a Human Right. It plays a very important role in poverty alleviation and is very essential for the development of any society. Especially children of poor sections regularly have no access to the necessary education. Though there is Right to Education in India, it still is a challenge to be implemented. Furthermore Child labour is widely prevalent in many parts of the country. For many developing and developed countries, education is the root of achievement. Education produces a skilful and intelligent generation that will be the future of the country. Moreover, if children have been trained with efficient education, they will have a adequate life. Therefore, education is fundamental for development within a country due to the brilliant generation that is bread by it. Students are the most important resource — if we educate them ,we indirectly educate and develop our country. Moreover, education arms students with fundamental wisdom and perception of world. Therefore we implemented various programmes to ensure education for marginalized children in India. Under this education program Feel Foundation provide education sponsorship programmes.

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