the cold eyes
    in the warm summers

  • I FEEL
    the dull future
    in the bright sunny day

  • I FEEL
    the burning feet
    in the chilling winters

  • I FEEL
    the rough hands
    in the touch of a baby

Causes that need your
urgent attention

Feel Foundation is an organization created to improve the quality of life of vulnerable and excluded children in India. As one of the dedicated NGO in the country, Feel Foundation works for the betterment of the underprivileged children in terms of health, shelter, clothing and education.

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The water crisis in Maharashtra affects the lives of many farmers.

Nearly 90 lakh farmers in Maharashtra have been impacted by the drought that has devastated the kharif crop, official data shows. Maharashtra is already known for its farm crisis and reports the highest number of farmer's suicides in the country. The drought — brought on by a delayed and inadequate monsoon — is set to deepen the distress for its cultivators.

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Making someone smile is the most
beautiful thing in this world

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