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Save water initiative

Water is more than just water; the existence of whole universe is dependent on water. That’s why we called water is life. The primary reason is that every living element on Earth is consisting of approximately 65% to 70% of water in their body. Anyone can’t think of life without water whether it is Plants, Animals, Humans, and other living things. Water is the most important resource. We require water for drinking, making foods, for cleaning our body & other household items, for constructions, paints etc.

In spite of having 70% of water on earth but only 1% of water is fresh & useable and other 97% of water is salty, 2% of water is in form of ice in the glaciers & icebergs.

Nowadays, human beings are destroying the environment by wasting this 1% of clean water by various ways. The more waste of water is the more we are consuming our natural resources like fossil fuels for generating electricity which requires for making clean water.

We need to save more and more water for our regular. Rain water should be harvested for the same. Feel Foundation sets up water harvesting plants for preserving water. Come and join us to save our Earth.

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