Change Speak Up Against Violence Amongst Women

For years and years women have been subjected to different kinds of violence. History has been a witness of what women have endured all these years! There are endless numbers of instances and abundance of data available online talking about the kind and quantum of violence women have been a victim of! But the question is, would stating the facts help us in eradicating this serious matter of trouble that has gripped our society too tightly? In our daily lives as well, we witness various instances of different violence being unleashed on women and mostly we tend to stay quiet. It is very important for us to realise that the tiniest steps of change would lead us to the path of making a bigger difference. It’s time to stand up and speak and act It’s time to put an end to sexism, misogyny and patriarchy. THE CHANGE BEGINS WITH US.

Change In Society Through Nukkad Naatak

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Art does to humans what nothing else in the world can do. A bringer of change and a ray in the hope of despair, art comes as a rescuer for humans to save them from the doom of negligence. One such form of art , that belongs to the branch of theatre and performance is “Street Play” often known by the name of “Nukkad Naatak”. The culture of nukkad has been very well known for raising awareness and bringing change within the common masses.This form of art that is so vivid and so widely available has its own beauty within. It doesn’t discriminate, but welcomes everyone with open arms and pushes everyone in the thoughts about problems which were never thought about before. Hence, they become the drivers of change and they’re potent enough to create a substantial one too. This form of art never ceases to take you by surprise, yet empowers you to bring substantial change.