Our Causes

  • Cow Shelters (Gau Shala)

    Simply by eating grass, the cows give us milk. From milk, ghee is produced by which demigods become satisfied. So how can one neglect the cow? Simply by her association, a person becomes purified and by donating cows, one can transfer himself to heaven. There is no wealth superior to the cow. All the demigods reside in different parts of her body. Her milk nourishes human beings. How can such a cow not be worshipable

  • Blood Donation

    A vital element of human life, blood is extremely essential for the proper functioning of the human body. One pint of blood can save up to three lives!

  • Old Age Home Support

    A generation that led us to our way of life and development, when needs our attention and awareness, we lack to show them the right amount of care.

  • Women Empowerment

    In a world that’s moving ahead with the speed of light, it’s painfully awful to witness the violence being unleashed on women and the stigma and stereotypes attached to their identity and being.

  • Save Earth

    As we breathe right now, one and a half acres of forest is being cut down somewhere, because it happens every second. According to a study, within 100 years there will be no rainforests.

  • Pollution Control

    A world enveloped with a thick layer of toxic smoke is definitely not what we desire for the years to come, but the facts and the situations that have come in terms with the scenario of the present urges us to be fearful about the same.

  • Say No To Drug

    There are at least 10 suicides in India every day due to drug or alcohol abuse. Alcohol kills one Indian every 96 minutes. Around 70,000 of Delhi's street children aged 9-13, consume drugs in any form.

  • Food Distribution

    Almost 15% of the Indian population is undernourished and 3000 children die everyday due to hunger. In a country where one-third of food gets lost or wasted, there are still people who sleep with empty stomachs every night.

  • Safe Drive Save Life

    Every hour 17 people die in India due to Road accidents and according to a survey, road accidents in India, in a year, kill more people than the total number of people killed in all the wars India has fought, put together.

  • Flood Relief

    Between 2006-2018, natural disasters caused $1.7 trillion in damage and affected 2.9 billion people. Natural calamity is totally uncalled for and there's nothing absolute that humans can do to stop them completely but standing tall and United.

  • Save Water Save River

    According to a study, every Indian wastes up to 45 litres of water per day and on an average 125 million litres of water gets wasted daily. Imagine a world full of rivers,