Our Causes

Women Empowerment

"The empowerment of women is the best way to save the world."

In a world that’s moving ahead with the speed of light, it’s painfully awful to witness the violence being unleashed on women and the stigma and stereotypes attached to their identity and being. It’s exceedingly sad to note that 1.4 million people all over the world who are living below Rupees 70 a day, about 70% are women and girls. Not just the mere question of existence shrouded with the shadow of deprivation, it’s the question of inequality in every field that prevails, all the time. Women account for around two-thirds of the world's working hours and earn only 10% of the world's income. If that’s not enraging and disappointing, what else would be? We work in order to lessen the disparity and reach out to the goal of holistic development. Reaching out to more and more women and girls in need and support to almost 30+ women every week for their education and empowerment remains our goal and we strive to achieve it.